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The Future of the Cruise Business in India

It is never too late to start and the introduction of Karnika by Jalesh Cruises into offering luxury cruises to passengers sailing out of Mumbai to enjoy the waters of the Indian Ocean is just the start. The idea of luxury cruises is decades old and now that Jalesh Cruises has begun to provide itineraries aimed primarily at the Indian market, the growing middle classes can enjoy the experience and see what they have been missing. The future looks bright.

That optimism is supported by India’s economic growth over recent years. Going back thirty years to the beginning of the nineties, the number of households with disposable income has grown twentyfold. Today, India is the world’s fastest-growing economy has begun to move past China’s annual growth over the last year.  The obvious result of that is an increase in the number of people regarded as middle class; that doubled between 2004 and 2012 up to an impressive 600 million which equated at that time to half the population. While that does not mean that this represents the figure of the potential market for an adventure cruise, it does mean there is a significant market for business hosting corporate events.

Forecasts suggest that the middle class in India will exceed that of China, Europe and the USA within the next decade so the development of luxury cruise holidays is both timely and increasingly attractive. During those years, India is expected to move from fifth past Germany and Japan to be the third largest economy in the world behind the USA and China. The impact of that will be widespread with many countries seeing India as an increasingly large consumer market.

Why Is a Cruise Seen as Such a Great Experience?

The Cabins

Any break away from daily life and work is seen as relaxing and the luxury cruise ship Karnika is an ideal place to enjoy a few days sampling the great cuisine, the fresh sea air and a range of cruise ship activities. Think 5-star luxury all the way and that begins with the cabin accommodation that comes in four categories:

  • Interior cabins measuring 18 square metres with a private bathroom and equipped at a level you would otherwise expect to see in only the very best hotels.
  • Cabins with a lovely sea view, the same size and equally impressively furnished and equipped.
  • Cabins with a private balcony measuring 3 of the 18 square metres and containing a table and two chairs.
  • A limited number of mini-suites measuring 32 square metres including a balcony, table and chairs included.

Health and Spa

With all this lovely food on board, you may want to have a little exercise to get rid of a few calories. You can do that in the well-equipped gym with experienced crew members overseeing the facility. However, if all you want is some pampering then massages, facials, skin treatments and hair styling are just some of the features on offer. Open from early in the morning until late at night, the leisure facilities are all that you could wish for which should not be a surprise on luxury cruises.

Cruise Ship Entertainment

With some of the cruise ship activities, all you have to do is to sit back and be entertained. There are two live shows performed each evening, and very professional as well. One is a taste of Broadway and the other celebrates Burlesque. The cinema has three screenings a day, including a matinee, of popular films.

If you want to dance to the latest music, that is also available each night. If instead, you want to have what is likely to be a new experience if you live in India, a visit to a casino, the popular games found in casinos all over the world can be found on Deck 8. If you just want to watch the action you are welcome to do so.


Karnika does not forget that families often go on holiday together. Youngsters are well catered for on the ship with play areas, art and skills as well as treasure hunts. For teenagers, they can enjoy each other’s company in lovely surroundings with plenty of music to entertain them.

In the case of children and teenagers of all ages, there is helpful staff on hand to oversee every activity, so parents need not have any concerns.


When you take an adventure cruise you can expect to spend some time ashore. Depending upon the itinerary you select, you may go to foreign countries, specifically those within the Middle East where you will get a flavour of different cultures. Even if you decide on a shorter trip down from Mumbai to Goa and back, you are likely to enjoy seeing this tiny State in India that has had a well-developed tourist trade for some years.

Goa is famous for its lovely beaches along the whole of its 67 kilometre coastline and if you enjoy swimming, here is your chance to swim other than on board on Karnika.

The Future

There is little doubt that the positive message sent by Karnika is going to spread. As previously mentioned, the size of the potential market that this luxury cruise ship can attract is growing all the time. Already, there are indications that businesses are attracted to Karnika for corporate events both to consolidate existing business and to reward staff for current efforts.

There are excellent cruise rooms that are ideal for corporate clients but also for weddings as well as birthday and anniversary celebrations. Jalesh Cruise will quote for the use of Karnika for a range of functions and there is no obligation whatsoever for making an enquiry and asking some questions. That is natural when Karnika is such a new concept for Indian people.

The future for Karnika and the cruise business in India as a whole, looks very bright and you are invited to come aboard and see exactly why that is the case. You will live in luxury for a few days in the lovely environment provided by Karnika, the Indian Ocean, the warm temperatures and the blue sea. We await your enquiry.

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  1. An Unforgettable Trip from Dubai – AbuDhabi – Bahrain – Dubai from 8th August – 11th August 2019 this Eid with my family on the Jalesh Cruise made it worthwhile. Loads of fun and activities all day long, not to forget the non-stop dancing !!!

    Bollywood with a Lil bit of Hollywood Mix, from food to songs… They didn’t fail to entertain us! The staff were energetic and very helpful, in spite of the heat and a huge crowd to handle they always had a smile on their faces.Hats off to all the service Staff, Special thanks to Jerison, Sunny and Remedies for taking care of us, very attentive from Food Court Area and our Housekeeping Staff Satish from Deck 8 (Cabin 8133) for keeping our room always neat and tidy and for checking if everything is ok. Overall everything was perfect.

    Jalesh Cruise is truly a home away from home experience. We are definitely going back soon! *Cheers from Dubai*

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      We appreciate your kind words. I hope you can get in touch with us on our toll-free number for more information.

      Warm Regards,

      Team Jalesh Cruises

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