Destination Wedding on the High Seas

Weddings are an institution that have existed for untold centuries with people gathering together to witness the event. All over the world, couples marry according to their cultural traditions. Your wedding day should be memorable with family and friends bearing witness to two people committing themselves to a life together. It goes without saying that a great deal of planning goes into the wedding day itself, and the venue for both the ceremony and the subsequent celebrations should reflect the happiness of the occasion. The luxury cruise ship, Karnika, is certainly a venue that will more than do justice to that occasion. When it comes to destination wedding ideas, is there a better alternative? It may not be something you have ever considered before but Karnika is ground-breaking; the first luxury cruise ship operating out of India for itineraries ranging from just three days up to just over a week.


Planning a Wedding

While the focus is on the day itself, there is a great deal that goes into making it the special occasion that you are looking for. There are a series of decisions that need to be made in the very early stages of planning with date and venue at the forefront.

Everyone has a picture in their mind of their wedding day. In practical terms, the variables include the number of guests that are expected, the size of the venue for the ceremony and celebrations based on those numbers. There are flowers to arrange, décor for the venues, clothes for the happy couple and those in immediate attendance in the ceremony with photographers there to record all the events of the day as a reminder of the occasion.

In the day or hours before the ceremony, there will be stylists on board if you choose Karnika. They will make certain that the bride’s hair, makeup and clothes, and that of her attendants, are all that they might want. No detail is left to chance. Talented musicians will provide all the music required over the whole event. You can have a range of traditional and modern among the music you can choose to entertain your guests.

Experienced planners are available to discuss each of these things before you make a decision to get married on Karnika. You will be able to satisfy yourself about exactly what you are being offered and then left to make up your mind in your own time.

The Venue

Karnika can offer itself as a venue because it has the support of a team of experienced wedding planners and a crew whose daily function to look after the needs of its passengers in luxurious surroundings. Destination wedding packages are tailored to the specific requirements of a couple. Beach weddings have become popular in recent years and a wedding in cruise ship venues is certain to follow.

A number of rooms on Karnika are suitable for the ceremony itself and the post wedding celebrations. Rooms can be decorated according to the wishes of the happy couple.

Karnika operates in the Indian Ocean out of Mumbai for the bulk of the year, certainly all but the weeks when the monsoon rains are likely to be around. It has the capacity to take more than 2000 passengers with a variety of luxury cabin accommodation, some with sea views and balconies with plenty of privacy afforded for those wanting that. There are few weddings that need that much space, but you can have as much as you want as long as you book far enough in advance.

There are ample cabins with private balconies so if you decide that you want that kind of cabin for all your family and friends who will be attending, that presents no problem at all. In addition to cabins with balconies, there are internal cabins as well as small suites.

The cuisine offers regional specialities from throughout India as well as other Asian and international dishes that will satisfy every taste. With plenty of evening entertainment as well as bars and a casino, no one will ever feel bored when they are sailing on the high seas. When it comes to destination wedding ideas, Karnika can tick every box for destination wedding packages.

Pre Ceremony Time

Friends and family may be coming from far and wide in order to celebrate your wedding. You can make preparations accordingly with people boarding as they reach Mumbai for the wedding. There is plenty to occupy their time once on board with any organised functions placed in the schedule.

That is likely to involve things for both bride and groom and their guests. While the groom and his friends might want to enjoy a meal and drinks, before heading for some fun in the ship’s casino, the bride can select some pampering and the leisure and spa facilities, a great way to relax before the wedding ceremony itself.

All these things can be included in the initial discussions about the wedding and included in the program that every guest can receive well before the date itself.

The Ceremony

Hindu wedding ceremonies are extremely colourful affairs. They may last for more than a couple of days so selecting a luxury cruise for a few days makes perfect sense.

Proceedings start with a pooja, or prayer, followed by the father of the bride offering gifts to the family of the groom who reciprocate with sweets, clothing and jewellery. The pooja involves on the couple and immediate family on the eve of the most important day, the ceremony itself.

Several customs and rituals form part of a Hindu wedding with the seven vows taken by the couple whilst walking the seven sacred steps around a sacred fire central to the couple committing themselves to each other. These vows talk of:

  • Prosperity for the happy couple in their life together
  • Good health throughout their lifetimes
  • Mutual cooperation to achieve material wealth
  • Mutual respect
  • Offspring from the ‘’union’’ which is something that everyone in the immediate family will be hoping for.
  • Self-control to strengthen the relationship; patience is a great virtue amongst people of all nations.
  • Loyalty and truthfulness


 The ultimate relaxation; cruising the high seas with your every need catered for by the crew. With luxury accommodation and a fine range of cuisine, the main focus being Indian food but with international variety as well, you can simply lie back and take in the whole experience, enjoying great entertainment and superb leisure facilities as you wind down from the excitement of the ceremony.

There will be no restriction on your choice of food to be served during the celebrations. Every region of India is catered for on a daily basis in the range of restaurants on board Karnika. As a result, you can decide on a menu to suit the tastes of your guests without the chefs needing to change their routines. While Karnika has its own ideas of a typical Indian banquet, it is your ideas that are important when it comes to the reception menu. Those ideas will be delivered for the enjoyment of everyone attending the wedding.

The Experience of Cruising

Cruising is a new experience for many who board Karnika for its high seas’ cruises. Some find it difficult to contain their excitement from their first moment on board. There will always be plenty of other passengers, but no one ever feels a sense of crowds.  You know you are on a cruise ship but as you stroll around, it is easy to forget that because the ship has the definite feel of a luxury hotel. There is plenty to explore on Karnika with its numerous decks, bars and restaurants.

There is no need to worry about time. It is almost as though you have left that on shore when you board the Karnika for your wedding. Each day on board, you are in complete control of your day and night. The breezes on the Indian Ocean are refreshing and there are few better experiences than feeling the warm wind on your face as you cruise along. There is plenty of space on deck to simply relax and take everything in.

When it comes to destination wedding places, what can be better?


The days when weddings were held purely in traditional buildings have passed. Some young couples today are selecting beach weddings in totally natural surroundings. Traditional Hindu weddings involve a huge amount of colour and often intricate decoration. Karnika can offer a wedding in cruise luxury with family and guests in attendance to witness the celebrations. Numbers are no problem and when it comes to destination wedding places, the high seas with blue skies around takes some beating.

Even if you are undecided about where to get married, you are invited to make contact to discuss Karnika as an alternative. You are not obligated in any way simply making an enquiry and we hope that what you hear from us will persuade you to choose a unique experience on Karnika.

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