Cruising in IndiaA giode to plan your first cruise

A Guide to Plan your First Cruise

What was it that first made you think about taking a cruise? Was it an article you read about how popular cruises have become in different parts of the world? All cruises go to interesting places and inevitably show images of those places, fine weather and passengers enjoying themselves. This is the reality of cruising and for the first time, people can experience luxury cruises on a ship that departs from Mumbai to introduce its passengers to the delights of the Indian Ocean. The climate during the months of sailing is certain to be warm with lovely blue skies, and once at sea, pleasant breezes.


You may not have travelled too much at this stage in your life. Perhaps you have been busy raising a family and have never found the time? In the past, you may have just jumped into your car and headed out into the countryside. The travel sector now offers plenty of organized holidays using their expertise to allow individuals, couples and families to experience something new, destinations and facilities of the highest standard. It is quite a step to pick a cruise vacation if you have not chosen an organized holiday package before. Relax, and sit down with family or friends and discuss the subject. It may be a holiday to celebrate a special occasion; an anniversary, birthday or even retirement, a reward for a long working life. All of these things are events to celebrate and what better way to do that than on a luxury cruise?

Where Do You Start?

You need to look at the itineraries that are available and the dates when you could take a cruise vacation. Karnika can offer an India cruise or Dubai cruise, lasting for just a few days or over a week. Once you have talked about the possibility of taking a cruise, the next stage is surely to get as much information as possible to allow you to get down to the serious business; deciding whether it is for you?  It is natural for you to have a few doubts of course but every detail can be discussed with Karnika’s experienced staff who can discuss every aspect of luxury cruises.


Make a list of the questions you have and ask them. You will not be committed in any way by asking questions. Once all of them are answered to your entire satisfaction, you will be left to make a decision in your own time without any pressure being exerted.

You need to understand and comply with the rules and regulations relating to making a booking and also to those relating to the luxury cruise itself.

Cruise Accommodation & Cruise Ship Facilities

You have a choice of four different types of cruise accommodation:

  • Interior cabins, sleeping up to four people, each with private showers, furnished to the highest standard and facilities comparable with a 5 star hotel.
  • Cabins with a sea view, sleeping up to four people, with similar luxury facilities.
  • Cabins for two with a private balcony and of 5 star standard.
  • Mini-suites which can hold three passengers, spacious and furnished and equipped to the highest standard.

The choice of cuisine is extensive. It covers all the regional favourites, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, from throughout India. Other Asian countries are well-represented as well with international dishes also available. If you simply want a snack, chocolates or an ice cream, no problem. In addition to the restaurants, you will find several bars, inside and on deck.


Last thing at night, you may like to go to the casino, even if it is only to watch. The world’s popular casino games are all found in the casino; Blackjack, Roulette, Texas Hold Em and Baccarat. You will also find slot machines and electronic games.

The Health & Spa facilities on Karnika open early each morning and offer a range of daily treatments, the chance to simply relax or even the take a little exercise in the gym. It is an opportunity for women to pamper themselves with nail treatment, a new hairstyle and skin rejuvenation and a professional body massage is a great way to rejuvenate yourself.

If you like live performances, you can enjoy an evening’s entertainment with different types of music or simply head to the cinema for a film.

Children of all ages are well-catered for on Karnika whether it is a play area, or something designed for teenagers where they can interact. In all cases, the environment is perfectly safe with crew keeping a watchful eye on them.

Prepare a Checklist

Once you have discussed going on a cruise and have had all your questions answered, you will make a booking but that is not the end of the preparations:

  • You should check the details you receive to make sure they are correct. For example, your name should be spelt correctly so that there are no queries when you go ashore in a foreign country.
  • Your ID needs to be taken with you although it will not be necessary when you are on board and it can be kept in your security box in your cabin until you need it.
  • If you have any dietary requirements you should make sure they can be satisfied by the cuisine on board Karnika.
  • Likewise, you should list any medication that you take and tick it off only when you have placed it in your luggage. Karnika’s Medical Centre has full trained nurses and doctors and provides emergency care 24/7.
  • It may not be necessary, but it does no harm to tell your bank or credit card company that you may be spending money abroad. You will have a budget in mind but if it is dependent on using your credit card, you do not want a payment to be declined. That will be both frustrating and embarrassing.
  • If you are an avid reader, take some books for the times you just want to relax and read. These days, they may be on a kindle while other games may be electronic as well.

What Should You Pack?

There is no need for any formality on a luxury cruise. If you enjoy dressing up for dinner, you are perfectly welcome to do so and therefore you will pack accordingly. With the climate almost certain to be extremely pleasant, casual and comfortable clothing is really all that you will need otherwise. Don’t forget your swimwear of course because that will be useful on board and also on any excursions. If you are heading to destinations that have different cultural standards of clothing, be prepared for that and have suitable clothing ready.

While you may have your own toiletry favourites, complimentary ones are provided in each category of cabin so if you have no preferences, you need not pack any. You are likely to need some protection from the sun, especially when the breeze blows as well. Bear that in mind although you can purchase most of the things you might need in the ship’s shops.

In terms of footwear, if you are taking an excursion on shore, you should have some comfortable shoes suitable for any walking that may be involved. A hat is likely to be useful as well.

Don’t forget your camera and any chargers you need for mobile phones, laptops etc. Everyone will want to see your photographs when you get home from your cruise.

All in all, packing for a cruise is a simple exercise but should always been done in conjunction with the check list you prepare well in advance.


One of the many advantages of cruising is that you can arrive at a new destination after travelling through the night. While that is as yet not a major benefit of an India cruise, you are still able to relax as you sail down the western coast of India and back without the delays you might face on land. Likewise, heading north west from Mumbai on a Dubai cruise takes you to the Middle East without the need for checking in at an airport and waiting in a queue for the flight.

Karnika aims to introduce people in India to the joys of cruising as well as welcoming travellers from other parts of the world as well.  To date, all the feedback on the cruise ship facilities on Karnika is providing is positive and with an experienced crew, it seems certain that those expressions will remain positive. Anyone starting to consider a cruise for a short relaxing break is more than welcome to enquire and once convinced, get on board.

Your first cruise will certainly be a new experience. Holidays are often about the ultimate destination, but cruising is about all the travelling as well. That will never be tiring because of the ambience and the luxurious surroundings. Karnika is delighted to have the chance to entertain guests who have never been on a cruise ship before in their lives. If you become hooked on cruising, all the better.

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